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Title: There’s Something About Wooyoung [oneshot]
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Nichkhun/Wooyoung, hints of everyone/Wooyoung
Summary: Wherein the boys enact operation ‘when I seduce Wooyoung’, Wooyoung feels greatly harassed, Jaebeom is caught between amusement and protectiveness and Nichkhun can’t stop swearing in different languages.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and nobody. I am also making no profit from this. Just a bit of fun.

A/N: I am experiencing a bit of a block on Just Another Girl. To make up for the lack of update here is the first bit of a little fic I found on my computer. Thought I might as well post it even though I'm not entirely happy with it. Please excuse any mistakes. This story has not been beta'ed.

How it begins Wooyoung isn’t quite sure, but after the “You’re Beautiful” parody things started getting weird. Not just the easily ignorable weird either. First there were the looks, then came the touches and before long he couldn’t help but notice the speculation in the eyes of the other members. The speculation in the way their gazes would sometimes linger, just a little longer than necessary, a little longer than usual. On him of all people.

As one of the less spectacular looking members of the group he didn’t think much of it. There was no reason to, especially not with the so aptly dubbed Thai Prince in their midst. If there was ever a walking agent for sexual confusion it was Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul. Certainly not him, not chubby cheeks Wooyoung. He was far too normal, far too average to attract anything beyond a cursory glance or two. So far from perfect it was almost depressing. 

Determined to ignore the strangeness around him Wooyoung went on as if nothing was amiss, certain that if he only waited just a little everything would turn back to normal. That the others would eventually get over whatever it was causing them to act so strangely and the weirdness would stop. But it didn’t. If anything everything only got weirder. It only got worst. 

“Stop laughing hyung,” Wooyoung all but pouted, phone held firmly to his ear as he tried his hardest not to give into the urge to just hang up. Not quite sure why he thought phoning Jaebeom of all people was a good idea he let out a frustrated sigh. His tone taking on a somewhat hysterical twinge he meaningfully stressed, “This is serious.”

Finally seeming to realize how upset he was Jaebeom immediately began to sober and in a concerned tone assured him, “Calm down Wooyoung-ah. Just tell me what those perverts have been doing and if they deserve it I’ll bust their caps for ya when I get back. Aight?”

At those words Wooyoung bit his lip. Not quite sure where to start. Finally he decided it would be best to go through it all one member at a time. Starting with the oldest.

“You know I like vocal training with Junsu best because he always gives me good hints and advice on how to improve my own singing right,” he began uncertainly, already wishing he never brought it up but at the same time unable to stop. “I don’t know why but now every time I’m with him at vocal training he keeps staring at me and I’m not sure what he’s singing but he’s always giving me these intense looks while making throaty grunting sounds with his voice. It always sounds so dirty. ” Extremely embarrassed by what he was about to admit he felt his cheeks redden slightly. “And er… kind of sexy.”

There was a moment of silence. One that lasted so long he was almost convinced he’d been hung up on. Just as he was about to cuss him out for being a jerk the sound of an entirely too perverted giggle made him stop short.

Loudly clearing his throat and with absolutely no trace of his break in composure Jaebeom gave a solemn demand of, “Tell. Me. Everything. Do not leave out any details.”

“Er-” was his uncertain reply.

Then figuring the only way Jaebeom could truly contemplate the full extent of his troubles and best help him determine what to do was to ensure he had the full story decided that there was no harm in complying.


* * *

Although Wooyoung loved English songs his grasp of the language was shaky at best. It was one of the reasons why he loved training with Junsu so much. Despite not being as fluent as Taecyeon or Nichkhun his pronunciation was still quite good and his love for singing such songs meant Wooyoung was often taught them as well. Even if his own pronunciation could still use a lot of work with Junsu’s constant help he was already beginning to steadily improve. But while he appreciated all the help there was another reason why he loved training with him so much and that was to listen to him sing.

Like always rather than quickly rushing off both Wooyoung and Junsu remained in the studio after the departure of their trainer. Sat comfortably by the piano he watches as Junsu took his place before the microphone, his fingers curling firmly around the base as he fixes Wooyoung with a heavily lidded gaze.

“Every time I close my eyes,” Junsu sang, his strong voice filling the silence in perfect harmony. Eyes never wavering he lets out a growl and in a raspy tone belts out, “I wake up feelin’ so horny.”

At that Wooyoung merely smiled. His head bobbing in time to the melody as he quietly hummed along, his ability to only barely grasp the meaning of so few words doing absolutely nothing to damper his enjoyment of the song.

Never once breaking his gaze Junsu runs a hand down the length of his body, licking his lips in much the same manner of their Again and Again video as he continues with a throaty, “I can’t get you out of my mind. Sexin’ you be all I see.”

While he still could hardly understand the words Wooyoung suddenly found himself shifting uncomfortably at the intensity of the stare, at the growl in Junsu’s voice and at the slow slide of his body. He blinked. Certain it was all just a part of the performance and that he really wasn’t being stared at with what can only be described as ‘sex’ eyes he remained perfectly still, not wanting to embarrass himself and create an awkward situation by jumping to conclusions.

“I would give anything. Just to make you understand me. I don’t give a damn about nothin’ else. Freak’n you is all I need.”

Taking the microphone off its stand Junsu slowly began to advance on him, each word accompanied by a sensuous step and a low gravely tone that despite his best efforts sent an involuntary shiver down his spine. While they often joked Nichkhun could probably get someone pregnant with just a look he was certain Junsu could do quite the same if the way he was looking at him was any indication.

“Tonight I need your body. Tonight you got my time. Tonight you won’t be sorry. Tonight you got my mind. You got my mind all I wanna do is freak you.”

* * *

Before he had the chance to finish Jaebeom let out a hoot and exclaimed, “Oh my god, Junsu serenaded and sexy danced for you to the ultimate Jodeci sex song!”

At the resulting laugh Wooyoung puffed his cheeks out with an annoyed breath. While at the time he thought nothing of it – despite not understanding the lyrics the song sounded like it warranted such a performance – when Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer started to sound like an invitation to a dirty night between the sheets he began to get a little concerned.

“Okay, serious now,” Jaebeom hastily said, voice losing all trace of humor as he asked, “Was there any bad touching involved? And by bad touching I mean bad touching of you.”


“Is that a traumatized silence because there was or is it a what-the-hell-are-you-on-Jay silence? It’s hard to tell without visuals.”

“Ah hyung, of course there was no bad touching,” he blurted out, eyes becoming wide at just the thought. “Junsu hyung would never.” He spluttered. “He’s just… I think he is just a little confused and is ah...”

Not in the least bit amused Jaebeom finished for him, “Getting in touch with his inner gay and decided on you as his experimental butt buddy.”

At those words Wooyoung immediately blushed a bright red and admonished with a squeaky, “Don’t say such embarrassing things hyung! He doesn’t… I mean he can’t… not me.”

“Hate to break it to you Wooyoungie, but you are totally molestable,” Jaebeom interjected with an audible leer. “Don’t think I didn’t see you getting your pimp on during those special stages or that nearly shirtless photo shoot. Plan expose Wooyoung is well and truly underway, I am excite.”

Embarrassed by even the mention he pleadingly whined, “Hyung, stop teasing me.”

“Okay, okay,” Jaebeom pacified with a stifled giggle, and then taking on a serious tone asked him, “Want me to straighten him out for you? I may be all the way in Seattle but my right and left hand men are still there to do my evil bidding.”

“I don’t think Junsu hyung means anything by all this,” Wooyoung told him earnestly. “If he did he wouldn’t be doing so knowing Khun hyung always show up early to jam with us before his session with Junho.”

“Khun, huh?”

“Yes,” Wooyoung replied with an affirmative nod. He bit his lip. “But I think they are fighting though. He always glares at Junsu hyung whenever he walks in and when he sits down next to me I can hear him muttering in Thai and English.” He paused thoughtfully. “But I guess it really can’t be that bad since he got his schedule changed so we all now have vocal training together.”


“Wooyoung-ah,” Jaebeom sighed, sounding partly amused and more than a little frustrated.

Completely clueless for the reason behind the exasperation Wooyoung responded with a worried, “What’s wrong hyung?”

“Nothing to worry your cute little head about,” came the resigned sigh. “And don’t worry about Junsu either. I’ll give him a talking to. He won’t be bothering you with his sexy gayness anymore.”

Confident in Jaebeom’s ability to help him sought it all out Wooyoung gratefully says, “Ah, thank you hyung.”

“Okay now for the other perverts,” Jaebeom announced with a decidedly chipper chirp before asking, “Who’s next on the chopping block?”

Deciding to continue with his system of oldest to youngest Wooyoung quickly moved on to the next member in line.

“Ah well whenever I work out these days Taec hyung is always around, without a shirt on and pouring water over himself,” Wooyoung admitted with an embarrassed flush. “And he’s always um… and touching my...”

“Touching you?” Jaebeom all but screeches, sounding more than a little pissed. There was a sudden shuffle on the other end and though he could not see him Wooyoung knew he was probably searching for something. “Right, shit just got real. Found my brass knuckles. Now continue.”

A little worried for Taecyeon’s safety but comforted by the fact Jaebeom was in Seattle and therefore unable to do anything rash until he finished telling him the whole story Wooyoung decided to continue.

* * *

With a pained grunt Wooyoung lifted the barbell over his head, face scrunching up with the exertion of his efforts as he found himself straining just to hold the weight up. Breathing deeply he desperately tried to steady himself, intent on returning the bar back to its stand before he does himself an injury he would sure to be scolded for. He gritted his teeth and at the shake of his arms mentally berate himself for not stopping sooner.

“Whoa there,” a familiar voice cried as two arms hastily reached out to take a hold of the wavering bar before his could buckle.

Thankful for the intervention Wooyoung allowed himself a sigh of relief. Ignoring the ache in his arms he wiped the sweat off his brows and sat up. At the sight of his savior carefully setting the barbell down he smiled even as he couldn’t help but envy such an effortless display.

“Ah, thank you hyung,” he expressed with gratitude.

“No problem,” Taecyeon waved off with a big toothy grin. Clothes completely drenched with sweat he leaned down and squeezing Wooyoung’s cheeks playfully teased, “Can’t have these babies getting injured, now can we?”

Annoyed he waved the hands away and was just about to chide him when a wet and not at all pleasant smelling cloth was thrown in his face. Quickly tugging it off he frowned his disgust when he realized it was a shirt – Taecyeon’s shirt to be exact.

“Argh,” he spluttered indignantly.

Ready to give him a piece of his mind he lifted his gaze but instead of letting loose he found himself immediately freezing. At the sight before him Wooyoung could do little more than watch in morbid fascination as rivulets of blue ran down the length of Taecyeon’s bare torso. Who, uncaring of the fact he was making a mess of the floors or the fact he’d just emptied most of Wooyoung’s sticky flavored sports drink all over himself fixed him with what he supposed was a ‘come-hither’ look and said, “Is it hot in here or is it just me?”

For a moment Wooyoung could do nothing but blink and then finally convinced he was being had began to laugh. His hilarity however was relatively short lived. Slowly dying down to little more than a halting rumble as he realized that Taecyeon was serious, actually serious.

* * *

“And then-”

“He threw himself on you and he touched you in your secret places, didn’t he?” Jaebeom interrupted with a growl. Before he even had the chance to protest such a disturbing image a sudden thump echoed through the line, one that sounded suspiciously like a fist impacting against something entirely too solid before there came an vehement snarl of, “That’s it, he’s so dead. I’ll kill him.”

“That’s not it,” Wooyoung quickly denied.

“Don’t you dare try to cover for that beast!” the other man all but screeched.

“I’m not,” came his adamant response and suddenly fearing for his toothy band mate’s safety he earnestly defended, “It’s not like that hyung.”

“Then what is it like?”

“When I realized he wasn’t joking I couldn't help it I laughed even more and Taecyeon hyung squeezed my cheeks so hard I was sure he was trying to pinch them off,” he revealed unhappily. Still able to feel the sting from their last encounter he touched his unusually tender face and continued with a whine, “Now every time he sees me he won’t stop touching them and saying that he can’t help himself because of how cute I am but I know he’s only doing it to annoy me.”

“So no bad touching?”

“No bad touching,” Wooyoung confirmed with a nod. Then with a frown he amended, “At least no perverted bad touching.” Annoyed at just the thought he let out an aggravated sigh. “I swear if it weren’t for the fact Khun hyung usually likes to work out when I do I probably wouldn’t even be able speak to you right now because of the pain.”

Rather than concentrating on Taecyeon’s abuse Jaebeom instead contemplatively murmured, “Khun again.”

“Aha,” he confirmed with a hint of a smile. “Every time he sees Taec hyung bullying me Khun hyung always gives him a scary look and tells him off in English.”

There was a moment of silence.

“You sneaky little bastards,” he barely heard Jaebeom swear before coolly stating in a clear voice, “Look Wooyoungie I think I know what is going on.”

Encouraged by his words Wooyoung brightened. “Really?”

“Yes,” came Jaebeom’s confident reply. “But before I can be sure I need you to tell me what the others are doing.”

Although curious about what it was Jaebeom was thinking instead of asking questions Wooyoung complied and continuing with his system of oldest to youngest moved on to the next member.

“Well,” he began, shifting uncomfortable. “Junho won’t stop staring at my lips and every time I catch him at it he turns away with blush. A blush hyung! Like some schoolgirl with a crush! And when he's not doing that he's always bending down in front of me and picking stuff up in the tightest, skin tight pants ever.”

* * *

With an armful of food Wooyoung carefully made his way through the kitchen, intent on making it to the couch without dropping a single thing. Just as he was thought he was about home free he suddenly heard a soft thump and turned just in time to see his favorite can of soda roll across the floor and right under the coffee table.

“Ah hyung, let me get that for you,” Junho offered, appearing from seemingly out of nowhere to greet him with an overly cheerful smile.

Not even bothering to wait for a response the younger man threw him a shy glance before quickly turning his back on Wooyoung. Then making a show of picking up the fallen can he deliberately and very slowly bends down right in front of him. The too tight jeans serving only to highlight every movement, giving him a more than adequate view of every little sway and wriggle.

Releasing a grunt of frustration Junho suddenly fell to his knees and with his head practically touching the ground as he reached underneath the table announced happily, “Nearly got it.”

Blinking at the sight before him Wooyoung completely froze. He was staring, he knew, but like a moth to the flame he just couldn’t stop, unable to look away even as everything in him screamed at him to.

* * *

Somewhat confused Jaebeom slowly asked, “And that’s a problem?”

“Of course it’s a problem,” Wooyoung protested with an indignant scowl.

“But it’s Junho’s butt!” Jaebeom returned in an extremely incredulous tone, sounding as if he’d been the one personally affronted by some kind of grievous insult. “We all agreed. That thing is a glorious, glorious sight that deserves to be perved on. Worshiped even.”

“Not when it makes Khun hyung say mean things to me!”

A pause, then, “Really? Khunnie? Are you sure?”

“Of course I am sure hyung,” came his exasperated reply. “I don’t understand what he’s saying but he gets this look in his eyes and it’s directed at me and I really, really don’t like it.”

“Don’t worry about it Wooyoung-ah.” Jaebeom assured him in a gentle tone.

With a pang Wooyoung couldn’t help but think that had he been in the room with him Jaebeom would’ve placed a comforting arm around him as he said those words. Even if he would come to quickly withdraw and jokingly comment on the gayness of it all. He sucked in a deep breath and trying his hardest to keep his emotions at bay and not bring down the mood by blurting out how much he missed him quickly changed the subject.

“Chansung keeps giving me bananas,” he abruptly and rather randomly blurts out. Then realizing he was making as much sense as Nichkhun’s attempts at Korean in his early trainee days, went on to explain, “And when I eat them he stares at me. Without blinking. Not once. It’s creepy.” 

Although he loved him dearly just the thought of Chansung’s completely focused, unblinking stare on him was enough to send a shiver down his spine, an entirely unpleasant one.

Obviously not getting why he was so disturbed Jaebeom merely stated, “That doesn’t sound too bad.”

Realizing in comparison it probably did sound relatively mild Wooyoung let out a sigh and reluctantly began to explain.

* * *

For what must’ve been the umpteenth time Wooyoung tried his hardest to ignore the low rumble of his stomach. Unable to help but regret his decision to forgo lunch he quietly sat in the back of the van, staring morosely at the passing streets as they made their way to yet another shoot. Just when he was certain he was going to faint from hunger a long, yellowed skin fruit was suddenly shoved in front of his face.

“Here, I was saving it for later,” he heard Chansung reluctantly say. “But you seem to need it more than me.”

Grateful Wooyoung gave the younger man a beatific smile and with a genuine cry of thanks took the offered banana in hand. Holding onto the stem he quickly made short work of the peel before putting the soft white flesh of the fruit into his mouth. Before he had the chance to take a bite however with a screech of brakes the car suddenly came to an abrupt stop. The momentum of which sent him sprawling forward.

“Ah, hyung, are you alright?” Chansung immediately asked.

With his lips resting against the curve of the peel, which now uncovered more than half of the banana, Wooyoung turned to his clearly worried band mate. Wanting to show that he wasn’t in danger of choking any time soon he slowly pulled the completely untouched banana out of his mouth and smiled.

At that Chansung blinked, very slowly. And then blinked again.

Feeling the need to explain he went on to say, “Ever since I was a kid I found it hard to choke on things.”

That said Wooyoung quickly took a big bite out of the banana, moaning happily at the sweet taste as he chewed. In no time at all he finished the whole thing and wanting to once more thank Chansung for such thoughtfulness turned towards him.

“Er…” he instead found himself uttering upon seeing the complete, unblinking stare being directed his way. “Chansung.”

Never once blinking Chansung murmured, as if a daze, a simple, “Yes.”

“Thank you for the banana,” he cheerfully replied, his smile becoming a bit strained as the staring continued.

“No problem hyung,” came the faraway response. “Trust me, the pleasure was all mine.”

* * *


“What is it hyung?”

“You can do that,” Jaebeom questioned, sounding a little bit dazed himself.

Confused Wooyoung tilted his head and asked, “Do what?”

“Swallow a whole banana.”

Wooyoung blinked for a moment. Not quite sure what that had to do with anything he let out an exasperated sigh and demanded with a hint of a pout, “Ah, can we concentrate on the Chansung problem please?”

“Sorry, but the mental images,” Jaebeom slowly replied in a faraway voice. There was a sudden rustle and though he couldn’t see him Wooyoung somehow just knew he was shaking his head. Faintly he swore he could hear the soft murmurings of “not gay” and “think unsexy thoughts.” Before he could ponder exactly what the other man was going on about or why he was reacting in such a way, from seeming out of nowhere, Jaebeom randomly blurted out, “Okay that’s it, you are banned from ever eating Chansung’s bananas. In fact, you are not allowed to eat anyone’s banana. No one. Got that?”


“You are banned from eating bananas!”


“Trust me Wooyoung, this is for your own good,” Jaebeom interrupted in an authoritarian tone. “Not only will it stop Chansung from giving you creepy stares but it will also stop others from giving you creepy stares.”

While he enjoyed the fruit it wasn’t as if he couldn’t live without it and really, arguing with Jay was like running up against a brick wall. It just wasn’t worth it. So rather than fight Wooyoung merely nodded and said, “Okay, but what about when I’m by myself?”

A pause. “You can eat them when you are by yourself. Just as long as no one’s around.”

Unable to stop himself he couldn’t help but ask, “Even Khun hyung?”

“Especially not around Khun,” came Jaebeom’s vehement reply.

“But,” Wooyoung began to argue, his cheeks becoming warm as he reluctantly admitted, “I don’t mind Nichkhun hyung’s stare as much.”



More silence.

“Are you still there? Hyung?”

Certain he’d just been cut off Wooyoung bit his lip. He was just about to hang up when he suddenly heard the sound of Jaebeom’s unusually solemn voice ask, “Have you been accepting bananas from Chansung and putting up with his creepy zombie stare because Khun is always around to give you his big puppy dog eyed one?”

“Er…” was his ever so intelligent response.

“I take that as a yes,” Jaebeom interjected before Wooyoung could even try to form any semblance of a coherent answer.

Eyes wide he quickly tried to explain, “No, I-“

“Don’t even try to deny it Wooyoungie. You all but admitted it yourself already when you asked me if you can still eat bananas around Khunnie boy,” Jaebeom tutted in that overly annoying all-knowing voice of his.

Grumbling under his breath he glared balefully at the phone.

“Now I want you to be honest with me, but more importantly I want you to be honest to yourself. And don’t even try lying because I’ll know. My bullshit meter is state of the art,” the other man continued in a serious tone.

Wooyoung bit his lip at that, brows furrowing in confusion as he wondered what this could be about. Luckily he didn’t have to wonder long.

“What I want to know is if it was Nichkhun who had been doing all those things, singing you sexy songs like Junsu and showing off his body to you like Taec and Junho, would it even be a problem?”

Of course it would. If Nichkhun had starting singing to him, dancing so provocatively and staring at him with such intimate bedroom eyes he would… Wooyoung suddenly froze. His eyes widened as he realized that the thought of Nichkhun serenading him was not as unappealing as it should have been. He shook his head. Physically trying to shake away the feelings that the images of Nichkhun posing shirtless for him, bending down in front of him or even just looking at him suddenly evoked. It was then that it hit him, hard and fast. He liked Nichkhun. Actually like liked him.

“Oh my god,” he gasped at the realization. “I like Nichkhun.”

“Yep,” Jaebeom readily agreed, not at all surprised. “You got it bad.”

Far from amused Wooyoung did he only thing he could think of to do. Panic.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. What do I do? What do I do? He is going to hate me. Oh my god. I don’t think I can deal with him hating me. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.”

“Whoa lil bro, chillax,” the other man quickly interjected.

“How can I relax? I like Nichkhun. I like another man. I can’t like another man. How can I like another man?”

“It’s called being gay. You are gay for Nichkhun. Lots of guys are gay for Nichkhun,” Jaebeom slowly said in a gentle, calming voice. “Hell, if I was even the slightest bit inclined I wouldn’t mind getting me a piece of that.”

Not at all comforted by those words he practically begs, “How do I make this go away?”

”Wooyoung-ah, you can’t just turn off your feelings like that. It doesn’t work that way.”

“Then what do I do?”

“Take a chance. Tell him how you feel.”

“But,” Wooyoung began in an extremely small, unsure voice. “What if he laughs? What if he hates me? What if I ruin our friendship? Make things awkward between us.”

“It’s a risk you’re going to have to take,” Jaebeom replied, before gently adding, “But this is Khun we are talking about. He lo- cares about you deeply. Trust me. Just tell him.”

Biting his lip in worry Wooyoung remained completely silent.

“The van is here,” he suddenly heard their manager yell from the hallway.

More than grateful for the interruption he quickly said, “Sorry hyung, I really need to go. We have another long magazine shoot today.”

Not waiting for a response he murmured a quick “Goodbye” before promptly hanging up. He winced at the indignant sound he heard come from the other end and took a deep breath. Intent on pretending absolutely nothing was wrong and he did not just in fact realize his feelings towards one of his best – definitely male – friends he began heading out. There was no way he was going to tell him. No way he was going to let him find out. No way he was going to ever risk their friendship. Especially on something he was sure was never going to happen.

* * *

Despite his resolve to act like nothing was wrong, to not let anyone know that something was bothering him, Wooyoung knew he was failing and quite miserably at that. For one, he was avoiding Nichkhun. Not on purpose of course. But he knew he was doing it all the same. He didn’t want to. Not really. It was just that every time he spoke to him, looked at him or even just stood next to him he couldn’t help but wonder. Wonder if everybody else could tell too.

So throughout the whole shoot he found himself becoming more than welcoming to the attention reaped upon him by the others. Using just about anything as an excuse to stay away from Nichkhun and what he was sure was his very obvious feelings for him.

By the time they returned to their dorms Wooyoung had somehow almost nearly managed to completely avoid Nichkhun. The instant they got back however rather than the hasty escape he had planned it seemed the other man had other ideas.

Before he could even try to announce he was going to sleep Nichkhun grabbed his arm and said, “Wooyoung, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Ah hyung, can this wait until tomorrow? I’m really tired,” he replied, trying for his usual whine but instead coming out with a rather shaky croak to his tone.

“No, I need to talk to you now,” came Nichkhun’s adamant response.

Wanting nothing more than to run away but knowing he had no real valid reason to Wooyoung merely nodded. As Nichkhun practically dragged him into his room he gave the others a searching look, hoping one of them would come to his rescue and give him the much-needed excuse to run he so desperately needed. Obviously not noticing his reluctance they instead gave him an encouraging smile.

The moment they were alone Nichkhun released him.

Awkwardly Wooyoung immediately averted his gaze and demurely asked, “What is it hyung?”

When all he got was silence in return Wooyoung slowly raised his eyes. At the intense look being directed right at him he flinched. Certain he had somehow been found out and was about to face Nichkhun’s clear disgust he squeezed his eyes shut and braced for what was to come. To his surprise and shock instead of a tirade he expected he instead got a gentle touch to the lips. The moment it was gone his eyes snapped opened. Wide eyed he stared at an equally wide eyed Nichkhun, who stared back at him with what looked like dawning horror, as if he himself only just realized what he did.

Touching his still tingling lips Wooyoung squeaked, “What was that?”

“I don’t know. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. It's just with the others being so... I was scared... I mean I just, you just-” Nichkhun blurted out, completely aghast. “I’m sorry. I’ll just go. I’m sorry.”

As Nichkhun turned around with a sad look in his eyes and muttering to himself in what he was sure was a hybrid of both Thai and English Wooyoung finally understood what Jaebeom was trying to tell him, why he was so adamant he confessed his feelings. Finding courage in the fact Nichkhun felt the same he took a hold of his arm, halting him in his steps and with a small smile simply said, “This is your room. If anyone should go it should be me.”

Nichkhun gave him an uncertain look and quietly, nervously, questioned, “So why aren’t you going?”

“Because I think I like it exactly where I am,” Wooyoung replied with a wide smile.

Looking confused for a moment Nichkhun gave him a long searching stare before finally breaking into a small smile of his own. “I think I like you exactly where you are too.”

* * *

“Man, this is so depressing,” Chansung sighed, staring at the bedroom door mournfully. “Feels like our old Idol Army days all over again. All that work and without even having to do anything Khun hyung gets the girl anyway.”

Frowning at the look of utter dejection on their youngest member’s face Junsu consolingly reminded him, “But we weren’t really after Wooyoung.”

Rather than the response they were all expecting Chansung simply said, “He has no gag reflex. Like none at all.”

At the revelation Junsu, Taecyeon and Junho all blinked. And blinked again.

With a mournful sigh Chansung continued with a solemn, “And he’s really, really flexible too.”

In unison all three of them turned to the door. Their faces becoming red as image after image of the aforementioned flexibility suddenly flitted through all their minds. There was silence.


“Lucky bastard,” Taecyeon swore.

“I really, really hate Khun hyung sometimes,” Junho added with feeling.

“You and me both,” Junsu easily agreed.

Sighing all at once they were all just about to leave the happy couple to themselves when there came a sudden ring from their dorm phone. They all stopped and stared at it. Unable to help but wonder who it could be, especially since only a very rare few had their number. Being the closest Taecyeon picked up and immediately wished he hadn't. Because really, despite his rather diminutive size Jaebeom sure as hell had a set of lungs on him.


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