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Title: Just Another Girl [1/?]
Rating: R
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Nichkhun/Wooyoung
Summary: As a rookie Inspector Wooyoung was willing to do just about anything to prove himself. However when Korea's beloved Thai Prince becomes the sick obsession of a dangerous stalker his resolve is going to be put to the ultimate test, especially when he's made to go undercover and become the Prince's latest love scandal.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and nobody. I am also making no profit from this. Just a bit of fun.

Previous Chapters: Prologue

Just Another Girl

Chapter 1

“Are you okay?” came the gentle, sincerely concerned voice of the man he now recognized as the one they were supposed to protect, Nichkhun Buck Horvejk, the one and only Thai Prince.

After being forced to intently study nearly every last Nichkhun video, interview and concert in the last year or so for clues Wooyoung could almost – in an entirely non-weird way of course – appreciate the position he found himself in. All over Korea he could practically hear the ear splitting sounds of more than a million fan girls screaming bloody murder as they begin sharpening their claws. Although he was well aware of the hysteria that usually surrounded idols it was only after hours of scouring the Internet for anything even remotely of interest to the case that he was able to actually comprehend the full extent of it all. He was quite sure if given the chance he’d rather face an armed criminal than have to take on even one of the most avid of fans. Like an instant it was then it finally hit him. Exactly what this mission would entail. For the first time in his admittedly short life Jang Wooyoung was scared.

Not realizing what he was doing he unconsciously clenched his fist at the just thought of what he was getting into. Something which would have been all well and good if not for the fact that in the course of the collision his hands had somehow ended up being braced against the firm chest of his saviour, resulting in his fingers becoming twisted in said saviour’s crisp white shirt.


At the sound of the uncertain voice Wooyoung immediately broke out of his horror induced stupor and once again found himself face to face with his current assignment. Only this time in place of a concerned look there was nothing but suspicion and uneasiness.

Somewhat hesitantly, as if afraid the slightest movement might set him off the man he definitely knew to be Nichkhun pointedly looked down with a polite, “Sorry, but do you mind?”

For a moment all he could do was blink, confused. Not quite sure what was being asked of him. Finally getting the hint he shifted his gaze down. The moment he did his face instantly flushed. While he would later deny, deny and deny even more about ever doing any such an undignified thing Wooyoung let out a high-pitched cry just before pushing himself away, ready to make a hasty retreat. It seems however that it just wasn’t his day. Because rather making his escape like he’d initially planned he instead found himself stumbling right into another muscular body.

“Don’t tell me another one got through. Seriously, what the hell are we paying the guards for?” an unfamiliar voice sighs, sounding noticeably exasperated. “I don’t know how you got pass security but only employees of JYP Entertainment are allowed in here. I’m afraid you’re going to have to go.”

Wooyoung frowns. Momentarily forgetting his embarrassment he spins around to be met with yet another familiar face. One he’d remember seeing a great many of times while researching the case. With a frown Kim Junsu, Nichkhun’s manager, stared back at him with barely concealed annoyance.

“I have-” he began, barely managing to catch himself in time before making a quick show of coughing in order to hopefully distract from the deepness of his voice. Then making sure to pitch his voice up an octave or two Wooyoung squeaks out, “I have an appointment with President Park Jin-Young.”

“Like I haven’t heard that one before,” the man, Junsu, returns with obvious disinterest as he impatiently looks down at his watch – clearly not taking those words for the truth. “Look, we’re late for a meeting as it is so I really don’t want to have to wait here for security to come and take you. Since you’ve already met Nichkhun I don’t see why we need to make any unnecessary scenes. If you agree to walk out of here of your own free will I’m sure Khun wouldn’t mind signing an autograph, even pose for a picture or two.”

Junsu ended with what Wooyoung was certain was supposed to be an extremely charming smile, but the sight of which only made him seriously want to punch the other man out. Incensed by the insinuation clear in the tone being directed at him he gave a fierce glare and heatedly stated, “I am not some crazy fan and I do not want a stupid autograph or picture.” Through gritted teeth he repeated once again, “I have an appointment with President Park Jin-Young.”

With a sigh Junsu replied, “I was hoping it won’t come to this but if you’re going to be difficult I see no other choice.”

While physically Wooyoung may not be the most imposing person in the world he was more than capable of taking care of himself. So when Junsu made the mistake of taking a hold of his arm in a non-too gentle grip he reacted instantly and instinctively.

“What the-” Junsu barely managed to utter.

In a flash Wooyoung seized the offending hand, using the shock of the action to tug the other man forward just hard enough to put him off balance. Then using the sudden momentum he swiftly sidestepped Junsu’s stumbling body, not before giving the noticeably shocked man a subtle push. The force of which sent him sprawling to the ground in an undignified heap.

Mistaken for a crazy fan girl or not Wooyoung simply hated the thought of being manhandled in any shape or form. Being one of smaller guys on the force meant he’d always had to deal with it so often – with most of the crooks seeming to find it wise to target him before his partner Taecyeon – that these days he responded almost automatically to any kind of a perceived threat. Even if it was just some hotshot manager deciding to get a little bit hands on with what he thought was a crazed fan girl.

“Wha-” Junsu spluttered from where he landed on the ground, looking around in confusion, as if not quite sure of exactly how he ended down there.

When those confusion filled eyes landed on him Wooyoung widened his eyes and brought his hands up to his mouth in a parody of shock. In a distressed voice he quickly said, “Oh my god, are you alright? I only meant to get you to unhand me but you tripped so suddenly I was so surprised.”

While he knew outwardly he looked the perfect picture of innocence, inwardly he was trying his hardest to suppress the laughter threatening to bubble out. Smirking under the cover of his hands Wooyoung lifted his gaze from the fallen man on the ground, only to become instantly caught in the intense gaze of the near forgotten idol who'd silently been watching the whole exchange. The same idol he had no doubt saw exactly what happened and if the weird way he was staring at him was any indication, was certainly not buying the innocent act one bit.

“You-” Nichkhun began to say.

“Really, really have to go see President Jin-Young,” he quickly blurted out, but just as he was about to make a run for it a firm slap to the arm suddenly stopped him in his tracks. He looked towards the offender and almost smiled in relief. For once the interruption that came was one in his favor.

With a put upon sigh Narsha took a hold of his arm. With obvious relief she said, “Ah, there you are. Can’t believe you wandered off so easily. Now hurry up, the president is waiting.”

“Wait, so she was telling the truth about having a meeting with the president,” Junsu asked, having gathered himself together long enough to finally pick himself up off the floor.

As if just realizing they were not alone Narsha swiftly turned her narrowed eyed gaze on the two across from her, still keeping a firm hold on Wooyoung as she did so.

“Of course she was,” she replied, sounding if she’d just been asked the stupidest question in the world. “After the last incident this building has practically turned into a police state, you know that. No one can get in without a hundred thousand different passes to their name.” She narrowed at him. “Why? Did you decide to play bodyguard again and flex those macho little muscles of yours? Because I swear if you’re terrorizing little girls…”

Wooyoung doesn’t think he’d ever met anybody who could actually project ellipsis in their words but he was quite sure Narsha just did exactly that. He swore he could practically feel the threat in the air and made a note to never stray onto her bad side.

“No, of course not.” Looking extremely chastened and more than a little scared Junsu did the only thing any sane man in his position would do. He hastily lowered his head in apology and blurted out in Wooyoung’s general direction, “I’m truly deeply sorry for the way I reacted and for not believing you. Please forgive my rudeness.”

“Er-” was Wooyoung’s ever-intelligent reply.

Glaring daggers at Junsu, Narsha snapped, “Now see what you’ve done. You traumatized her into silence.”

Wooyoung turned his gaze to the young manager and almost felt sorry for him, especially when Narsha began to poke his chest threateningly, completely ignoring his cries of ‘ow’ and ‘stop’. Again, he made a mental note to never ever piss the feisty stylist off.

“Stop tormenting him Narsha,” Nichkhun smoothly interrupted, causing them all to stop at once. Junsu with his hands held before him in a flimsy display of defense, Narsha with her hand frozen in mid-poke and Wooyoung with wide, unblinking eyes. When he had their complete and undivided attention he tilted his head slightly to the side, towards Wooyoung, and added, “From what I saw I think your girl is more than capable of looking after herself.”

“Huh?” Junsu immediately says, more than a little confused. “What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing,” Nichkhun replied with a small twist of the lips.

His eyes twinkled as he continued to stare at Wooyoung, the sight of which couldn’t help but make him feel uneasy. When he finally turned his attention back to the others the rookie inspector practically let out a sigh of relief.

“We should get a move on.”

“Ah, right!” Narsha exclaimed at the sudden reminder, just before once again taking a hold of Wooyoung’s arm and practically dragging him down the hallways while saying, “Hurry, hurry. Unless you want a new partner I suggest we get there before Jin-Young manages to convince him to quit the force and sign the next eight years of his life away.”

Wooyoung’s eyes widened at that and decide hurrying a bit might actually be a good idea. Just as they were about to round the corner he allowed himself a quick glance back at the two following them at a much more sedate pace and could’ve sworn he saw Nichkhun wink at him.

Before he even had the time to mull over it he was quickly yanked around the corner with an impatient, “Come on.”

* * *

Wooyoung cannot recall a more uncomfortable moment in his life. The moment he arrived everybody’s eyes had been on him. From Taecyeon still rather strange stare to Park Jin-Young’s outright pleased one, he felt like an exhibit on display. A matter which was only made worst by the arrival of both Nichkhun and his manager, Junsu, who felt it necessary to apologize to him once more for his disrespectful behaviour which – when no longer under the fear of Narsha’s wrath – actually sounded genuine. But while the new arrivals meant the added weight of Nichkhun and Junsu’s curious gazes it was nothing compared to the looks he was currently getting. Especially now that everybody knew exactly what he was there for.

“You want her to pretend to be my girlfriend to lure the stalker out,” Nichkhun summarized with a troubled frown, his eyes remaining firmly fixed on Wooyoung with an unreadable expression.

“Yes,” Jin-Young replied resolutely. “I’m sure once the stalker is caught and the whole story gets out about how you were willing to put yourself in danger to stop this lunatic all would be forgiven. It is the only option we-”

With a growl Nichkhun angrily rose out of his seat, the loud screech of his chair against the floors resonating in the silence that soon followed as he slammed a fist down on the meeting room table in front of him.

“No,” he forcibly yelled, a mix of what Wooyoung was sure was Thai and English rapidly escaping from his mouth as he glared heatedly at all of them. “I refuse to put anyone else in danger for my benefit. Isn’t it enough everyone I’ve worked with has been targeted by this maniac? You can’t seriously think I would be okay with this. I will not put someone’s life at risk like this. Especially not a woman’s.”

“Hey buddy, I’m not some fragile little flower. I’m not even really a g-” Wooyoung began, only to be abruptly stopped by a swift kick to the shin. “-ow.”

Wooyoung glared at Taecyeon who simply ignored him. Despite his obvious annoyance however, he’d work with Taec long enough to be able to take a hint. Rather than forcing his piece he keeps his silence and instead grits his teeth.

“I’m sure she may not look it but Woo Soon is a very capable officer. I have been her partner for nearly a year now and am certain of her capabilities. She will be more than able to handle anything the culprit throws at us. I’m sure of it.”

Wooyoung would’ve been touched by his partner’s faith in him if he hadn’t been so annoyed.

“Maybe we should consider this Khun. The police wouldn’t send someone who wasn’t capable,” Junsu tentatively offered. He paused at the betrayed look on the face of his client and good friend and sighed heavily. “I know you don’t want anyone else to get hurt but you’ve got to look at the bigger picture. This has got to stop. Not only for your benefit but for everyone else’s as well.”

Refusing to budge Nichkhun narrows his eyes and simply says, “Find another way.”

That said he brusquely pushes himself away from the table and with a slam stormed out of the meeting without another word. With a quick apology on both their behalves Junsu quickly follows.

“Why didn’t you just let me tell him I’m really a man?” Wooyoung demanded of his partner the moment the pair were gone and out of earshot. "And what the hell is with this Woo Soon crap?"

However, it wasn’t his Taecyeon who answered.

“If the stalker knows you’re really a man then they would know this is a trap,” President Jin-Young replies. “For that reason it would be best to keep the truth about your gender between the three of us and Narsha.”

“Why?” he questioned his confusion.

“Because even though the stalker has basically targeted everyone Nichkhun has worked with thus far, the accidents are always worst for those he’s actually had a relationship with him.”

Wooyoung frowned as the pieces began to fall together.

“Someone is feeding the stalker information,” he summed up with a frown, and then added with more clarity, “Or someone working here is the stalker.”

“Bingo,” Taecyeon responded with a grin, petting him on the head like some kind of favorite pet. “Good rookie.”

With a glare at his partner Wooyoung looked to Park Jin-Young and asked, “So what do you want me to do now?”

“Easy,” the entertainment mogul grinned. “Nichkhun needs to be convinced you are able to take care of yourself and that this is not just about him. Nothing we say is going to get through that stubborn resolve of his. He needs to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.”

“And if that doesn’t work?”

“If that doesn’t work,” he begins, pausing a moment before finishing with, “Then we go ahead with this anyway, with or without his co-operation."

“Okay, I understand,” Wooyoung sighs despondently, just about to collapse in total resignation when he felt a sudden nudge to his side. He scowled. "What?"

“What are you waiting for?” Taecyeon prompts with a raise of the brows.

Scowling Wooyoung bats him away and pouts, “What do you mean?”

“Go after him you idiot,” his partner replied.


Rolling his eyes in a 'duh' motion Taec practically pushed him out of his chair and says, “No time like the present.”

Barely catching himself in time to prevent himself from crumbling to the floor in an undignified heap Wooyoung stumbles onto his feet and with another parting glare rushes down the hallways, questioning staff all along the way. When he finally spots him he is standing by the entrance with Junsu at his side, no doubt waiting for his bodyguards to clear the way and his car to be brought around. Resigned to his fate Wooyoung quickly hustles it down the stairs, calling out with a loud “Nichkhun” when he sees the star beginning to head towards the doors.

At the sound of his name being called Nichkhun stops and tilts his head back. The moment he sees Wooyoung however he continues walking, acting as if he hadn’t seen him at all.

Not one to give up so easily the rookie inspector catches the superstar idol just as he pushes through the doors, about to step into the frenzy outside. Rather than wasting his breath on someone who was clearly determined not to listen, remembering President Jin-Young's words, Wooyoung decided to do the next best thing. He squeezes his eyes shut and braces for impact as he wraps his arms tightly around the slightly taller man, causing them both to stumble forward. Not enough to fall but more than enough to have them both staggering outside together in what clearly looked like an intimate embrace.

For a moment there is nothing but silence, one that doesn’t last very long. Like a flood a single flash soon gives way to hundreds before everything descended into chaos. Suddenly, there were voices everywhere. Some chattering excitedly, while others angrily yelling their displeasure and demanding the release of their beloved Prince.

“Wha-what are you doing?” he barely heard Nichkhun stutter even as images, horrible images upon images, of tomorrow’s headlines begin to tauntingly flitter through his mind.

Keeping his eyes close and hoping to god his mother doesn’t see through his disguise he snaps, “My job.”

Wooyoung has no idea what expression must be on Nichkhun’s face but considering the endless barrage of flashes he was sure he would be able to find out tomorrow. His only saving grace was that he was standing behind the so-called Thai Prince because if his performance in the boardroom was anything to go by he was sure the idol could rival even Narsha in intensity when he’s mad and that was one inevitability he was hoping to put off for as long as possible.

“Let me go,” Nichkhun demanded in a low voice.

Stubbornly he returned, “Not until you agree to go along with the plan.”

Swearing in a multitude of languages Nichkhun begins to struggle in his grip. It would have been so easy for him to just simply push the smaller man away, but even as he tries to escape Wooyoung realizes that he was purposely holding back. No doubt unwilling to hurt him by using too much force.

As if just realizing the futileness of his efforts he finally stills. “Are you sure you really want to do this? Because I won't hold back. I won't make this easy for you. So you better be prepared if you are sure this is what you want?”

Frowning at the question Wooyoung simply nods. He may not like the plan, hate it even, but right now it was their only option and if it meant they caught this dangerous lunatic before one more person gets hurt he was more then willing to go along with it.

“Fine,” the other man agreed, a hint of something in his voice that Wooyoung wasn’t quite sure he liked. “Let me go and I’ll be sure to go along with the plan.”


Nichkhun sighs but reluctantly adds, “Promise.”

Slowly, Wooyoung begins to release his grip, half expecting him to bolt. But far from bolting the idol spins around to face him and reaches for his hands, bringing them up to his firm chest. With his hands being held captive Wooyoung unconsciously finds himself leaning away from the contact, frowning uncertainly as he notices the sudden gleam in Nichkhun’s eyes.

“What are you doing?” it was now Wooyoung’s turn to demand.

“Keeping my promise," he replied with a sly smile.

Not quite sure what he meant by that Wooyoung could do no more than watch as Nichkhun closed the distance between them by lowering his head, stopping so close that he could practically feel the hot caress of the other man's breath against his cheek.

"You wanted a scandal, didn't you?” was all the star said before leaning down the rest of the way and capturing his lips right then and there on the steps of JYP Entertainment.

In amongst the explosion of light and voices all he could register was the loud thump of his own heartbeat ringing in his ears. The only thought that was running through Wooyoung's head was, 'I can't believe my first kiss was with another man.'

Chapter 2

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