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Omg! Gareth David-Lloyd is coming to Supanova in Australia next year! I can't believe this. Yay! I was going to go to the con anyway but now I'm extra excited for it. James Marsters and Karl Urban is going to be there too. This is so awesome. This is going to be my first time at Supanova and wow, so many people I want to see. So excited! I' squeeing like an over-excited fangirl but right now I really don't care.
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Zomg, I can't believe this but I converted one of my friends, a friend that couldn't even stand the thought of two guys together, into a Brian and Justin fan. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. I'm still a bit surprised she took to it so well. Also kind of proud she actually gave the show a shot. Especially since the only reason why we were watching it was because we were bored and there was nothing else to watch. I expected for her to ask me to put something else on after episode one where Justin walked into the loft and started thinking and visualizing all the times he and Brian had done it in the place, but she didn't. In fact we got through the whole thing.

When we finished she even asked if we could watch the next season and the other seasons as well. I must say that Justin's prettiness in Season 3 was one of the reasons why she loved it so much. She couldn't stop looking at him and kept on commenting on how pretty he looked. I happily concurred. Needless to say she also loved the chemistry between Gale and Randy, which of course was another drawing factor. 

I'm really amused by all this and like I said proud that she even gave it a shot. I started reading fluffy fanfics about two guys with crushes on each other where all they ever did was kiss before I even started to look at other stuff. Like yaoi manga and anime. It was only after that did I finally watch Queer as Folk and was able to fully appreciate the show without feeling sqeamish about all the sex and nudity. So yeah, to go from being weirded out by the very thought of two guys kissing to watching Queer as Folk is a very big step for her. And now I have someone to talk to about one of my favorite shows. Hee.
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I've been suffering from writer's block for a while now. I can't continue any of my original stories because every time I start I feel like tearing my own hair out. I can't continue any of my Naruto stories for very much the same reason and the fact the anime is still stuck on fillers. Although Sasuke is a bastard and I really kind of hate him right now I need to see him in moving action (the manga's not enough, I need more) to get my creative juices going again. So hence my newfound Queer as Folk obsession. Although now I'm beginning to have a hard time putting anything into words even though I know what I want to happen. It's to the stage now that I feel like I'm hitting my head up against a brick wall.

Even though I'm busy with other RL stuff, which I am right now, I can usually write up to 18 pages of a fic at the click of the fingers. Now I can't even get a paragraph out without deleting it and rewriting it a thousand times. I know everyone has gone through something like this at one stage or another and if you haven't I really envy you and humbly beg for any kind of advice on how to get back on track again. That is if anybody is reading this at all. Okay, done venting for the night. 


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