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I woke up this morning hoping to catch the latest episode of Torchwood and get my dose of the show for the day and well, I guess mission accomplished. Only problem is instead of leaving me with a smile and some good memories I am now a crying, blubbering mess. I'm so heartbroken right now.

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I haven't posted in this journal for so long. Not since my Naruto, Skins and Torchwood love has somewhat calmed down somewhat. But omg, 439 of the Naruto manga has just turned me into a squeeing fangirl again. The reason, one word: MINATO!!!

Oh and of course Naruto. My heart was breaking for him in this chapter. But even with all the drama, shirtless!angst!Naruto was hot!
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I've been suffering from writer's block for a while now. I can't continue any of my original stories because every time I start I feel like tearing my own hair out. I can't continue any of my Naruto stories for very much the same reason and the fact the anime is still stuck on fillers. Although Sasuke is a bastard and I really kind of hate him right now I need to see him in moving action (the manga's not enough, I need more) to get my creative juices going again. So hence my newfound Queer as Folk obsession. Although now I'm beginning to have a hard time putting anything into words even though I know what I want to happen. It's to the stage now that I feel like I'm hitting my head up against a brick wall.

Even though I'm busy with other RL stuff, which I am right now, I can usually write up to 18 pages of a fic at the click of the fingers. Now I can't even get a paragraph out without deleting it and rewriting it a thousand times. I know everyone has gone through something like this at one stage or another and if you haven't I really envy you and humbly beg for any kind of advice on how to get back on track again. That is if anybody is reading this at all. Okay, done venting for the night. 


Aug. 15th, 2006 11:07 pm
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Okay, this is stupid but I didn't want to just start posting stuff like fanfics or whatever else I feel like posting without some kind of introduction. So firstly I just have to say I'm obsessed with Queer as Folk and Naruto. I also love yaoi manga. Oh, and I've recently became a major fan of jpop and especially the pretty boys of Johnny Entertainment. So yeah, if I'm not posting a fanfic or some kind of rant I'll probably have something about some of these guys. I'm sure no one would read this.

Anyway, just to make it clear I'm a major SasukexNaruto fan. I also like KakashixIruka and don't mind anyonexNaruto. Just as long as our favorite little blonde is an uke I'm happy. As for Queer as Folk, well I'm a BrianxJustin shipper. Mainly because their relationship is so twisted and angsty but then there are also moments when it's just so sweet. Oh and let's not forget how bloody hot they look together. Brian and Michael just doesn't do it for me.

So yeah, basically that's what you can come to expect. Most of my fics will either be about SasuxNaru or BrianxJustin. I do write originals but unless I come up with something new I won't be posting it here. I have already finished two fics and one has over thirty chapters. Too much work. I'm kinda lazy.

Well, I guess that's all I have to say. For now at least.


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