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Title: Just Another Girl [Prologue/?]
Rating: R
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Nichkhun/Wooyoung
Summary: As a rookie Inspector Wooyoung was willing to do just about anything to prove himself. However when Korea's beloved Thai Prince becomes the sick obsession of a dangerous stalker his resolve is going to be put to the ultimate test, especially when he's made to go undercover and become the Prince's latest love scandal.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and nobody. I am also making no profit from this. Just a bit of fun.

A/N:First 2pm story so I hope this is okay. This story is inspired by the "Tik Tok" video and I also may have used some elements from the "You're Beautiful" parody. Most of this is going to be more focused on the developing relationship between Nichkhun and Wooyoung since if you've seen the video you'll already know who the stalker is. This story hasn't been beta-ed so please excuse any mistakes.

Just Another Girl


As a rookie inspector Jang Wooyoung can’t help but sometimes really, really hate his job.

“Come on,” he heard Narsha call from outside the change room, the hint of annoyance in her tone doing absolutely nothing to veil her amusement – an amusement that of course came completely at his expense. With laughter clear in her voice the young stylist he'd been assigned unconvincingly assures, “It can’t be that bad.”

Wooyoung glares at the door and silently he curses his stature. Unlike his partner Taecyeon he was more slightly built, muscular and compact, yet still a far cry from being the tall and imposing figure that most befitting those in his line of work. To only make matters worst he’d also been cursed with an incredibly boyish face, cheeks full with what looked like lingering puppy fat that he'd just never been able to get rid off. It was a fact he bemoaned with every incredulous look he got every time he entered a crime scene. So while he would be the first to admit he was far from being the most intimidating officer on the force he was anything but girlish.

“Come on Wooyoungie. Come out and show your handsome Oppa how pretty you are,” his jerk of a partner practically chirps, sounding way too happy about this for his liking.

"If you want to ever have children I'll warn you to shut the hell up now," he threatened.

A boisterous laugh was his only answer, along with a murmur of, "Like to see you try."

For what seem like the hundredth time Wooyoung sighs and carefully readjusts the white dress he’d been forced into, fake boobs and all. This, coupled with long hair extensions and a face full of makeup, which included some double eyelid tape Narsha found it necessary to oh so gleefully apply, he couldn’t help but feel every last vestiges of his manhood already slowly beginning to seep down the drain. Worst of all was that – with a flattering black cardigan and black stockings to slim down both his muscled arms and legs, his broad shoulders hidden under a mass of wavy curls and non-existent hips cleverly disguised by a puffy waist clinching baby doll dress – he really did make a half decent girl. At least he thought so.

“Stop fooling around in there and come out already,” Taecyeon tried again, this time using his business voice. “Park Jin-Young is already waiting for us.”

With a groan Wooyoung turned away from the mirror, suddenly remembering where he was and what he was supposed to be doing. He was in the Seoul headquarters of JPY Entertainment about to go undercover on his biggest case yet. His pride as a man aside this was what he’d been dreaming of for years. Ever since he joined the force – a lowly beat officer still writing tickets and patrolling the streets this had been it, his dream.

Dress or no dress there was absolutely no way he was going to stuff this up. More determined than ever he unlocked the door and threw it open, silently he braced himself for the onslaught of laughter with a pre-prepared glare. Only there was none. There was nothing but silence.

Confused, he first turned to Narsha to see an extremely pleased look in her eyes and then to a clearly shocked if not slightly disturbed Taecyeon, who was looking at him if he was some kind of alien. Not thinking he looked that bad Wooyoung glanced down at himself, making sure the pads that made up his breasts were in order before turning to the pair with an annoyed scowl, “What?”

“You actually look like a girl,” his partner blurted, still giving him a wide-eyed, vaguely freaked look. Without another word he does no more than blink. Then blink again. Running a hand through his short-cropped hair Taecyeon finally shakes his head and mutters, “Damn. I am way too sober for this.”

“You're not the only one,” Wooyoung agrees morosely, completely unlike his usually bubbly self. “Let’s get this over with then.”

He turns to Narsha expectantly, ignoring the strange looks his partner keeps on throwing his way in favour of getting on with the job.

“Right,” she says with a clap of the hands. With a wide smile she takes a moment to admire her handiwork before turning on her heels with a sashay and a call of, “This way Inspectors.”

With a deep breath Wooyoung turns to his senior who, suddenly remembering their mission, stops stupid gawking long enough to give him a reassuring nod. Happy with the decision to give him flat boots instead of heels he follows at a steady pace behind the two, keeping his head low as his thoughts began to wander.

Despite his current predicament Wooyoung knew he should be grateful for this chance. Although Taecyeon was a great Inspector there were others with more experience than him and who’d been on the job for much longer. As for Wooyoung, well, he’d only just risen to the rank of Inspector a few months ago and in spite of his years on the beat he was still very green in the eyes of his colleagues. They both were. Between the pair of them they’ve been on the job for less years than any one of the other Inspectors on the force. So to be put on such a high profile case so soon into his career was definitely a rarity not bestowed on a great many. He just wished it had been an honour he’d earned instead of one which only became his by default due to his looks. But then again beggars can’t be choosers. And despite the way they’d gotten the job he and Taec were a damn good team. Talent and hard work aside they were both just as determined as the other to prove themselves and that made them all the more motivated to solve this case before any one else got hurt.

It had been all over the news for months - nearly going on a year now - the case of the crazed stalker intent on going after anybody who was even the slightest bit romantically linked to Korea’s beloved Prince. While the police had always made sure to keep a close eye on the case he knew that for the longest time the stalker was considered relatively harmless by most of the department. Just another overzealous fan. Nothing to worry about. That was until a string of suspicious accidents suddenly began to befall all those who’d ever worked with the so-called Prince. The worst of which had resulted in the death of a waitress. Who, just before 'falling' from her seventh floor apartment, had famously claimed to have had in her possession a series of very scandalous photos.

With every lead so far turning out to be nothing more than a dead end the collective pressure - from both the very vocal public and the prominent owner of JYP Entertainment - on the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) to catch the culprit had resulted in a rather drastic measure. A measure which had been agreed upon by both the police department and Park Jin-Young, the owner of JYP Entertainment himself. And that measure was to dress him up as a girl and dangle him around like some poor piece of meat as the Prince's newest conquest. Although he was far from happy in the itchy dress they've forced him into and his role in the overall operation Wooyoung was determined to not see the count of victims rise any further.

Strengthening his resolve he gripped his right fist tightly and holding it up murmured a quiet “fighting” just before unknowingly walking right smack into a wall of muscle and limbs. He stumbles but instead of falling on his ass finds himself quickly being righted by the steadying force of two strong arms, which immediately find their way around him, bringing him very up close and personal to a toned chest. Having closed his eyes in his moment of clumsiness Wooyoung opens them again to find himself staring right into the dark soulful gaze of a pair of very familiar eyes.

“Are you okay?” came the gentle, sincerely concerned voice of the man he now recognized as the one they were supposed to protect, Nichkhun Buck Horvejk, the one and only Thai Prince.

Chapter 1
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