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Title: Just Another Girl [3/?]
Rating: R
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Nichkhun/Wooyoung
Summary: As a rookie Inspector Wooyoung was willing to do just about anything to prove himself. However when Korea's beloved Thai Prince becomes the sick obsession of a dangerous stalker his resolve is going to be put to the ultimate test, especially when he's made to go undercover to become the Prince's latest love scandal.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and nobody. I am also making no profit from this. Just a bit of fun.

Previous Chapters: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

A/N: This chapter is actually around 18 pages long. I got a bit carried away but I'm still not quite happy with this. Decided to post it anyway or else I'll probably try to rewrite the whole thing and take forever to post it. No Chansung or Junho in this yet but they are definitely showing up in the next one. Nichkhun will also be meeting boy!Wooyoung for the first time in the next chapter. Also I thought I should warn that since this is also based on the 'You're Beautiful' parody there will be hints of everyone!Wooyoung at some point.

I was also wondering if someone could help me with identifying the T-ara members playing the bad fans who bullied Wooyoung in the YAB parody. I know Boram is the obsessive fan in "Tik Tok" but I'm not that familiar with T-ara so I have no idea who they are in YAB.

Please forgive any mistakes. This hasn't been beta'ed.

Chapter 3

As Wooyoung fell asleep, resolved to forget the kiss ever happened, every newspaper in the country was busily working through the night. Each more determined than the next to make sure that they wouldn’t be the only one without a clear front page picture of Korea’s beloved Prince engaged in a scandalous embrace with an unknown girl right on the steps of JYP Entertainment.

“Wake up rookie! We got a crime scene to get to,” a boisterous voice bellowed, an announcement of which was quickly followed by a loud round of knocking.

Groaning awake, Wooyoung was just about to tell his partner where to shove it when he caught sight of his uselessly blinking alarm and bolted upright in his bed. With an alarmed cry he quickly scrambled out of bed, rushing over to the bathroom to hastily brush his teeth before quickly heading over to his still open closet to pull on a change of pants along with a clean shirt and tie. Ignoring the obnoxious knocking he made sure not to forget to pull on his holster and badge before making his way out.

“Come on Wooyoung-ah! Answer the door for your handsome hyung already!”

Grabbing his favourite leather jacket off his coat rack Wooyoung quickly unlocked the door of his apartment to be greeted with the sight of Taecyeon, hand held up in mid-knock.

Sounding almost accusing he demanded, "Aish, why didn't you call me?"

“I did,” Taecyeon replied in a bland tone. “Your phone is off.”

With the realization he must’ve forgotten to recharge his phone Wooyoung was instantly contrite. Head lowered he quickly apologized, “I’m sorry Taec hyung, I was so tired last night I didn’t realize. It must’ve run out of battery.”

“Let me guess, lover boy tired you out?” Taecyeon grinned with a lecherous raised of the brows.

Not missing a beat Wooyoung punched his partner on the shoulder with a growl. At the feel of the hard muscles flexing under the force of his fist he couldn’t help but feel a slight tinge of envy. Well and truly pouting he ignored the laughter and changing the subject prompted, “You said something about a crime scene?”

At the mention Taecyeon immediately sobered, his expression becoming unusually grim. Without a word he gently pushed Wooyoung back into his apartment, closing the door behind them.

“A woman was attacked late last night while taking the elevator up to her apartment,” he began to explain. “She was found early this morning passed out in a pool of blood by one of her neighbours. Still alive but with deep slash wounds to the face and suffering from heavy blood lost. Last I heard the doctors managed to stabilize her but it will be some time before she’ll be lucid enough for questioning.”

Since they had been pulled off all other cases until this one was solved it didn’t take a genius to figure out why they were being called in. Wooyoung frowned at the description. Having spent so much time profiling the stalker he replied with a confused, "That doesn’t sound like our suspect.”

“No, it doesn’t,” Taecyeon responded, nodding his agreement. “But I have been able to confirm that our victim has indeed worked as a make up artist on numerous shoots with Nichkhun.”

“So she was involved with him?”

“Considering that the last woman he actually dated is still in a coma after her car was tampered with I wouldn’t be surprised.” His expression becoming concerned Taecyeon reluctantly adds, “There’s more. I came over when I couldn’t get a hold of you because I didn’t want you to hear it from anyone else.” He paused, still hesitating. “A message was left at the scene.”

Wooyoung furrowed his brows at the change, knowing he was no longer talking to his partner the inspector but rather his good friend, Ok Taecyeon. Not quite sure he wanted to know but needing to anyway he cautiously asked, “What was the message?”

Gaze never leaving his Taecyeon took a deep breath and replied, “Stay away from him or you’re next.”

For a moment he wasn’t quite sure why he was so concerned. Like a switch it suddenly clicked. The message was for Woosoon. The instant he realized Wooyoung’s face immediately crumbled.

“It was premeditated. Planned way before we even came onto the scene,” came the fierce declaration from his partner. “It would have happened regardless.”

At those words Wooyoung quietly nodded – trying his hardest to take those words to heart. But even as he tried telling himself that a young woman wasn’t nearly killed because of him, unbidden he couldn’t help but wonder if his involvement was what made the attack all that more severe. He quickly pushed such thoughts aside.

“I know,” he replied shakily.

It was a testament to how much he’d grown since his trainee years that he didn’t immediately burst into tears. Although he was still greatly affected, after nearly three years on the force Wooyoung had long ago learnt to deal with his emotions – to just go on and do what he does best, his job. Reminding himself the best thing he could do right now was to just get on with it he sucked in a deep calming breath and was going to suggest they get going when something was practically shoved right in front of his face. Going cross-eyed for a moment he was just about to slap it away when he realized what it was.

“It’s a bit melted,” Taecyeon said, sounding a bit apologetic.

Momentarily forgetting his concerns Wooyoung’s eyes sparkled as he took the offering thankfully. With a fond smile he couldn’t help but remember the many times his partner had brought him an ice cream, especially in the early days of their partnership when everything was so uncertain and new between them. And although he still enjoyed them very much, as he began growing both as an officer and a person, he found that he needed the sudden ‘pick me up’ less and less. But every time he did Teac was always there, a fact that he was grateful for.

Delightfully he chirped, “Ah, it’s my favourite.”

Not one to waste time, especially when there is ice cream involved, he ripped the package open and with a muffled “thank you hyung” began sucking on the yummy treat with vigour.


Upon hearing the strange sound being emitted by his partner Wooyoung stopped. He slipped the ice cream out of his mouth, licking his lips as he did so, and demanded, “Why are you looking at me so strangely?”

“N-nothing,” Taecyeon quickly replied, shaking his head in fervent denial as the strange look in his eyes was suddenly replaced with something that was verging on complete horror.

Wooyoung tilted his head to the side slightly and licked his ice cream with a narrowed eyed gaze. Silently he couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong.

“Erm, we should get going,” Taecyeon abruptly said, already opening the door. Just as he was about to step out into the hallway however he suddenly stopped and looked back at him. “Do me a favour okay?”


“Never ever eat that kind of ice cream while you’re dressed as a girl.”

Eyes widening in shock at such an unreasonable demand Wooyoung whined, “B-but hyung, it’s my favourite!”

In a stern yet determined tone Taecyeon promised, “As long as it’s not that ice cream I will buy you all the ice cream you want.”

With wide huge, sparkling eyes he asked, “Really?”

“Yes,” his partner readily agreed. Then as if realizing what he was committing himself too, hastily amended, “But only when you’re dressed as a girl and around me.”

“Fine,” Wooyoung agreed. As he followed Taecyeon out, holding the ice cream steady in his mouth as he locked the door behind him he couldn’t but wonder what was so wrong with him eating it dressed as a girl. Putting it down to another one of his partner eccentricities – the way he dresses on his days off being one of the greatest – he shrugged and decided it was better to just go along with it. Especially if the end result meant he would get more free ice cream.

* * *

The moment they arrived Wooyoung was shocked to discover a few reporters in amongst the many curious civilians on the scene. Glad he always kept a pair of sunglasses in Taecyeon’s car he followed his partner silently as they forced their way through the crowd, thankful for the little cover they afforded him.

“What the hell are they doing here?” he heard Taecyeon growl.

Not knowing their identities most did no more than give them an angry glare or yell at them as they push their way through. It was only when they were allowed pass the police line with nothing more than a glance that the general annoyance suddenly transformed to fervent interest.

“What happened?”

“Is the victim still alive?”

“Is this being treated as a murder?”

“Inspectors, what’s the victim’s relationship with Nichkhun? Is it true they dated?”

Unable to remember anything about the relationship ever being made public the question instantly caused Wooyoung to pause. He turned back with a frown, trying hard to pinpoint the voice in amongst the many now mimicking the same question.

“Is it true that this was a message directed to the new mysterious girl Nichkhun was photographed with yesterday?”

“The fuck, no one’s supposed to know that!” Taecyeon practically roared.

Before he had the chance to demand to know what was going on Wooyoung was already off. Without wasting a second he found himself standing right in front of the reporter he was sure was the one responsible for the questions. His voice lowering to a threatening snarl he demanded, “Where did you get that information?”

Clearly ignoring his clear agitation the reporter merely smirks, “So it is true then?”

At that Wooyoung clenched his fists and he forcefully spits out, “Tell. Me. Where. You. Got. The. Information.”

“A good reporter never reveals his source,” the man answered smugly, still not taking the hint. “Unless of course you’ll be willing to offer an exclusive.”

“How about this?” Wooyoung began in a deceptively calm voice, his eyes narrowing into dark slits. “You give me your source and I don’t arrest you right now for wilfully obstructing an ongoing investigation and seizing any and all equipment and footage you may have anyway.”

“You can’t do that,” the reporter immediately returned, his confidence betrayed by the uncertain look in his eyes.

“Oh, can’t I?” Wooyoung continued wit a sadistic smirk. He took a threatening step forward and grabbing the man by the shirt jerked him forward. “Better yet, give me the source right now and the next time we have to call a press conference because something’s happened to Korea’s beloved Thai Prince I won't feed you to the wolves by naming both you and your station as the cause for withholding vital information.”

The reporter’s eyes widened.

Going for the kill Wooyoung gives him a devilish grin and snarled, “Don’t let this innocent face fool you. If you cross me I swear I will destroy you and I will enjoy every moment of it.” Then acting as if he just hadn’t just threatened the whole livelihood of the man before him he released the reporter from his strangle hold and gave an innocent smile. “So I’ll ask once again, will you please tell me where you got the information?”

More than thoroughly harassed the man could do no more than slowly nod his head up and down in answer.

Annoyed by the lack of movement Wooyoung adjusted his sunglasses and barked, “What are you waiting for?”

As if a switch had just been flicked both the reporter and his cameraman quickly rushed off.

“Can we really arrest them on that?” Taecyeon asked, keeping a close eye on the pair.

Wooyoung shrugged and crossing his arms truthfully replied, “I’m not quite sure.” He pointed towards the two who were busily searching their car for something, once in a while throwing a panicked glance his way. “But they don’t know that.”

At the gentle shove to his shoulder he turned to Taecyeon with a clearly questioning look. When all he got in return was a suggestive waggle of the brows he frowned his confusion.


“Just you getting all bad cop and alpha-male on me,” Taecyeon answered with a shiver. Then with a completely serious expression, added, “It’s a bit of a turn on.”

Before he could retort in any shape or form the reporter returned, a hand held out with what looked liked a tape in his grasp.

“What’s this?” Wooyoung asked, frowning.

“A copy of the call I received on my machine this morning telling me to make sure both Nichkhun and his girl knows exactly what will happen to her if they remain together,” the man replied nervously. “I thought it was a hoax at first but when I got word of the police showing up at this exact address I knew it just had to be real.”

Without a second thought he snatched the tape away before sharing a quick glance with Taecyeon. He handed the tape over to him and not needing to say a word they both began making their way back towards the building, hoping that this was the break they needed.

Daringly the reporter yelled, “What about that exclusive?”

Refraining from flicking the man off but unable to help but admire his persistence Wooyoung shouted back, “I’ll make sure to mention how valuable your help was when we crack the case.”

Passing through the police line for the second time they quickly went into the building and were immediately directed towards the crime scene. When they reached the cordoned off elevator Wooyoung felt his stomach drop at the amount of blood he could see splattered all over the place.

“Our girl put up a fight,” he noticed, tone grim. “Let’s just hope that it wasn’t all in vain.”

Taecyeon nodded as he too allowed himself a moment to process the scene. He took a deep breath and in full inspector mode ordered, “See to the witness. I’m going to check in with the forensic team and see what they’ve got so far.”

“Yes sir,” he replied with a mock salute and was just about to head off when he was stopped short by a final word from his partner.

“By the way,” Taecyeon began with a crooked smile. “Even though I’m sure I should be reprimanding you right now I have to say that you did good out there Wooyoungie.” He smiled mischievously. “For serious, my man parts felt all tingly for a moment out there.”

“Ugh, don’t ever mention your man parts around me ever again,” Wooyoung returned, making a disgusted face.

“Whatever, you love it!”

Shaking his head with a grin Wooyoung headed off towards the officers already on the scene, more determined than ever. Although he cautioned himself against getting his hopes up he couldn’t help but feel optimistic. While the little voice in his head was still telling him he was the cause of this and though he deeply felt for the injured woman, as a cop he had to look towards the bigger picture. To attack so directly, so passionately and with so many risks just to get a message across to him. It meant it would only be a matter of time. Because now he knew for sure that Jing Woosoon had a target on her back. And even if both the tape and the scene turned up nothing but more dead ends there was no way he wasn’t going to be ready.

* * *

By time they finished it was already well past lunchtime. Feeling a little worst for wear Wooyoung opened the car door and glanced at Taecyeon.


“Definitely,” came the tired reply.

As the beginning of 'Sexyback' began blaring Wooyoung mentally sighed. Hoping against hope that it was nothing he watched warily as Taecyeon answered the phone. He climbed into the passenger side and practically collapsed in his seat. When the other man finally got in he knew then and there that they wouldn’t be relaxing over a table full of food any time soon.

“Aish,” Wooyoung released in an annoyed breath before turned pleading eyes on his partner. “Nooo! Please don’t do this to me, please.”

“Sorry princess,” Taecyeon replied, smirking. “But your prince awaits.”

“Not my prince,” he whined childishly, crossing his arms and turning away with a frown. “Don’t want to go.”

“Aw, don’t be like that. My ass is on the line if I don’t get you over there in at least the next ten minutes.”

Wooyoung frowned. “Jin-Young?”

“Worst,” Taecyeon answered in a very serious tone. “Narsha.”

“Oh,” he murmured and without another word of complaint put on his seat belt.

“Not going to try and fight me on this?” came an entirely too amused reply.

Wooyoung simply shook his head and fixing his partner with a hard stare explained, “Narsha likes me. I think I would like to keep it that way.”

“Lucky bastard,” Taecyeon swore under his breath, no doubt jealous of the fact he had the clear favour of such an attractive woman.

“Ah, but can we get some take away first. I am going to die if I don’t get something to eat,” he requested hopefully.

“Fine, fine,” his partner agreed. “But if we’re late, you’re taking the blame.”

Reluctantly he nodded, completely willing to take the risk if only to quell the hunger pains currently threatening to cripple him. Besides he was definitely going to need all the sustenance he could get if he was going to have to deal with whatever it was that was happening over at the JYP Entertainment headquarters. Even more so since he was quite sure he was going to have to do it while in a dress.

* * *

The only word that could be used to describe the state of the JYP headquarters was, quite simply, pandemonium. If Wooyoung thought the other day was bad it was absolutely nothing compared to what it was today. If it was possible there were even more reporters and fans than before. The sight of which made him instantly relieved to find that they were able to bypass the entrance altogether in favour of the much more discreet underground car park. Whatever relief he felt however was relatively short lived. Because the second he stepped into the building he was immediately accosted by a frantic Narsha, who, not even bothering to spare Taecyeon more than an order of “go to the meeting room” quickly rushed him into her studio.

After nearly twenty minutes of poking and prodding and three changes of clothes later Jang Wooyoung was no more and in his place stood a frowning Jing Woosoon.

“Perfect!” Narsha exclaimed. Clasping her hands together in delight she looked proudly over her latest creation. Then, as if unable to help herself she cooed at the sight of his puffed out cheeks and pouting lips. “You have such cute cheeks Wooyoung. Any girl would kill to be able to pull them off as cutely as you do.”

“Not a girl,” he grumbled to himself.

“Yeah, I noticed,” she replied upon hearing his softly worded complaint. Her eyes glinting mischievously she let out a disappointed sigh of, “It’s just too bad you aren’t a couple of years older. You are just my type.”

At those words Wooyoung felt his cheeks become instantly hot, unused to such attention.

“Ah, so cute,” Narsha laughed, giving him a gentle pat on his lowered head. “Come on Wooyoung or should I say Woosoon. We better get going before they send the cavalry after us.”

His face reddening Wooyoung allowed himself to be pulled out of the studio and down the halls. Upon reaching their destination – with nothing more than a customary knock – Narsha pushed her way in, pulling him inside with her as the heavy set doors swung closed behind them.

“Here she is!” Narsha announced with a flourish. “Cute as can be and completely ready for the conference.”

Cheeks still flushed Wooyoung clumsily stumbled in after her. It took him a moment but the instant he registered her words he quickly did a double take and parroted in disbelief, “Conference? What conference? No one said anything about a conference.”

“That’s because I only just called for one,” Jin-young replied, sitting behind his desk just like how a scolding teacher would over a bunch of naughty children. Which with both Nichkhun and Junsu looking more than a little chastened on one side and an apprehensive Taecyeon on the other was probably not that far from the truth.

“From prince to player. Possible truth behind sex-tape scandal? Disillusioned fans question Nichkhun’s true face. Thai Prince’s inappropriate display with unknown girl,” Jin-young began to recite, eyes narrowed.

Following his gaze Wooyoung finally noticed the papers haphazardly scattered across the glass table sitting between where Nichkhun, Junsu and Taecyeon were currently seated. Somewhat hesitantly he made his way over. The instant he was close enough to see what was on them he almost wished he'd kept his distance. Picking one up he was immediately greeted with a flash of his own face, the kiss he’d almost managed to convince himself never happened taking up more than half the space of nearly every front page.

“If that wasn’t enough I’ve already had two companies threatening to drop Nichkhun from their campaigns if this isn’t resolved quickly.”

“They can’t do that, can they?” a clearly concerned Junsu questioned. “Not unless they plan on paying us out. I mean we signed a contract. They can’t just drop him.”

“All endorsement contracts stipulate that models must maintain the dignity of the product at all times and not reflect badly on it,” Jin-young began to explain. “With everybody so publicly questioning Nichkhun’s character and integrity I have no doubt they will have the courts behind them if they decide to do so.”

Speaking for the first time Nichkhun demanded with a sigh, “So what do you want me to do? Even if I go out there and deny everything until I’m blue in the face no one will believe me.”

“You’re right. They won’t,” Jin-young readily agreed. “That’s why when you go out there today I want you both to make them believe you’re in love with one another.”

Genuinely confused Nichkhun asked exactly what Wooyoung was thinking, “Wouldn’t that make things worst?”

“The media is questioning you because they think you are being frivolous with your affections, which considering just a week ago you were spotted with a strange girl at dinner and before that you were linked to more than ten different girls on top of a possible sex scandal, I don’t blame them,” the founder and current CEO of JYP bluntly stated, the insinuation that had it been anyone else that person would’ve already been long let go clear in his tone.

While his research on the case meant Wooyoung wasn’t surprised to hear the idol’s exploits so blatantly listed before him what he was surprised by was the twinge of hurt he saw momentarily flicker through Nichkhun’s eyes.

“We need show them you aren’t this way. We need to bring back the romantic and gentlemanly Nichkhun the nation fell in love with," Jin-young said. "And what better way to do this than to show what a loving and committed boyfriend you can be?”

“But what about Woosoon? What happens to her afterwards?”

Seeming to have thought this all through thoroughly Jin-young answered, “We will stage a break up, an amicable one where you both part on good terms and remain good friends.” He gave Wooyoung a pointed look. “I’m quite certain Woosoon will have absolutely no problem keeping a low profile once this is all over.”

Nichkhun frowned at that.

“I’ve been told that with Junsu’s help you’ve already prepared for such a thing,” Jin-young continued, addressing them both before turning to pin Wooyoung with a searching stare. “I know all you care about is catching the stalker and I understand, but this is Nichkhun’s life we are talking about. Everything he’s work so hard for is on the line so I ask that you please do all you can to help us just as we are doing all we can to help you.”

Unable to do anything other than silently nod in response to such an earnest plea Wooyoung found himself unwittingly agreeing. For the first time realizing just how greatly this whole thing was impacting not only Nichkhun’s personal life but also on his professional one as well. Suddenly feeling bad he promised, “I will do my best.”

Doing a complete one-eighty Jin-young happily clapped his hands and practically chirped, “Great! Now we only have twenty minutes. Narsha, Taecyeon and Junsu I want you on that couch.”

He pointed to where Taecyeon sat and waited until an uncertain Junsu and a smiling Narsha moved over before turning to Wooyoung once again.

“You both are going to be scrutinized from the very first moment you enter the conference room so it is extremely important that you act as naturally loving and caring towards one another as possible,” he sternly informed him. “Now please seat yourself down next to Nichkhun.”

Uncertainly Wooyoung did as he was told. Although he wanted nothing more than to sit down all the way on the other end of the couch he instead placed himself as close to Nichkhun as he dared.

“You’re not even touching,” Narsha complained, loudly and cheekily. “Not buying it. At. All.”

“She’s right. I’m sitting closer to Narsha than you are to Nichkhun and I’m scared to death of her,” Junsu observed thoughtfully, not noticing the murderous look being directed his way until the punch on his arm landed with a painful thump. “Ow!”

Ignoring the pair next to him Taecyeon decided to helpfully add, “Have to agree with the peanut gallery. Don’t look like any couple I’ve ever seen.”

“They’re right,” Jin-young agreed with a firm nod. “Move closer.”

Certain that he was as close as he could possibly get Wooyoung blinked uncomprehendingly, his mind mentally struggling with such an unreasonable request. He was just about to protest such a demand when he felt the body next to his suddenly shifting closer. To his quiet shock it didn’t end there. An arm casually snaked around his waist, holding him in place with a firm grip.

“Perfect!” Jin-young exclaimed. “Sit just like that.” He grinned at them. “Now for the hard part. We are going to start questioning you like the reporters will. I want you to practice everything you went through with Junsu in the time we have left. Okay?”

Frozen in place Wooyoung bit his lip, but before he even had the chance to even respond to such a demand both he and Nichkhun were suddenly hit with a barrage of questions.

“How did you two meet?”

“Was it love at first sight?”

“Are you pregnant?” Narsha gleefully shouted. When every single last eye in the room turned to her with expressions ranging from slightly horrified to outright amused she shrugged her shoulders and simply said, “It’s the tabloids. You expect class.”

To Wooyoung’s horror Jin-young nodded his agreement, “She’s got a point. Answer the question, is Nichkhun with you because you’re pregnant?”

He would have loved to say that that was the worst of it but with the combined efforts of an obnoxiously perverted Taecyeon, an all too entirely amused Narsha and a slightly vengeful Junsu it only got worst and worst as the minutes wore on. By the time they were called for the conference he couldn’t have been more relieved to escape the pure terror of the Taecyeon-Narsha-Junsu interrogation team.

As he waited behind the stage with Nichkhun to be called he found himself quickly changing his mind. While he knew there were going to be a lot of reporters he didn’t expect the place to be as packed as it was. Even from where he stood he could practically feel the energy radiating through the crowd. Like vultures they seem to hover. Just waiting, hungrily, greedily and ever so patiently for the perfect opportunity to strike – to catch their prey completely unaware before going in for the kill.

“Don’t let them scare you,” he heard Nichkhun say.

Nervously he grumbled, “Easy for you to say. You’re not the one that’s going to be eaten alive out there.”

With a pondering look Nichkhun told him seriously, “Well, if worst comes to worst you could always throw me at them and make a run for it.”

“You’re giving me ideas,” he warned in a stern tone, the slight lifting of his lips betraying him.

United for the moment they turned to each and shared a small smile.

“Nichkhun, they’re about to announce you,” one of the coordinators came to inform them, breaking the moment. He turned to Wooyoung and with a polite nod said, “Please wait here Miss Jing. We would like to give the press a chance to question Nichkhun first before calling you in.”

At that he silently nodded, desperately trying to calm his nerves. He felt a gentle touch on his shoulder. Biting his lip he tilted his head to side to find Nichkhun giving him a concerned look.

“If you get in trouble out there or don’t know how to respond don’t worry okay,” Nichkhun told him with an earnest smile. “I’ll be out there with you. Just let me handle it. I promise I won’t let them eat you.”

Not knowing why Wooyoung felt comforted by the words and was just about to thank him when he that comfort abruptly transformed into shocked silence at the feel of a tender kiss to his cheek. Incensed at such forwardness he opened his mouth in objection but before any words could leave his mouth a soft voice whispered, “There’s people watching.”

Mindful of the prying eyes Wooyoung remained absolutely still.

“Nichkhun, the MC just announced you,” the coordinator said.

Smiling Nichkhun requested, “Wish me luck.”

“Good luck,” he obliged with a glare. Although he wasn’t too happy with him at the moment there was a greater enemy to worry about. The press.

Definitely pushing his luck Nichkhun asked, “What? No return kiss from my loving girlfriend?”

Wooyoung glared at him and finally displaying some sense of self-preservation Nichkhun decided to follow the anxious coordinator with a parting laugh. Grumbling to himself Wooyoung watched as complete frenzy broke out at just the sight of American born idol. Before he even had the chance to sit down flashes went off left and right, questions already being fired despite the set rules of the conference. With an ease that he couldn’t help but envy Nichkhun calmly sat down, his gaze firmly fixed on the MC as he patiently waited for the crowd to be contained.

“You must really mean a lot to him,” a familiar voice murmured.

Startled by the sudden intrusion Wooyoung quickly spun around. His eyes immediately met those of a distracted Yoon Eun Hye whose own gaze remained firmly fixed on the stage.

“Park Jin-young has a very strict policy against dating,” she continued, as if sensing his confusion. Realizing he still wasn’t quite sure what she was getting at she gave him a small, slightly hesitant smile and explained, “For Nichkhun to be allowed to announce you to the press this way, to allow you both to be so open and revealing with the public this way he must’ve fought very hard for you. For the both of you.”

If he didn’t know the truth, if he didn’t know for certain Jin-young had been the one behind all this Wooyoung would have been touched. As it was he did know. So while personally he felt absolutely nothing at those words he knew that as Nickhun's girlfriend Jing Woosoon would.

“I…” he began to say, only to pause at the realization that he didn’t have to pretend. Because while the reason behind it may not be real Nichkhun's actions were. He was truly compromising his career. Maybe not for love but definitely for something just as worthwhile, if not more so. He was doing it to help them, to help them save another life. “I know what he is risking for me and I am going to try my best to make sure that I don’t disappoint him. To show him that everything he is doing isn’t for nothing.”

Silently he swore to himself, ‘I will do whatever it takes to catch the stalker. Not only for all those girls, but also for Nichkhun as well.’

“And you are alright with this?”

Confused by the abruptness of the question he titled his head to the side and inquired, “With what?”

“With never being able to have all of him. With always having to share him,” she answered. “Because as long as he is who he is he will never be truly yours.”

While he had no feelings for Nichkhun whatsoever he already knew the answer, “Even if that’s true I would never want to take him away from something he loves, something that makes him happy. I’d rather share him with the world than risk losing him because of my own selfishness.”

“But doesn’t that hurt you? To know you will never be enough?”

“No,” he replied truthfully and thinking about what he would want in such circumstances added, “Because I know at the end of the day I will be the one he will be looking forward to coming home to. I may have to share him with the world but if our feelings are true all of him will always belong to me anyway. If not, then I guess it’s just not meant to be.”

Eun Hye stared at him, surprised. As if the thought had never even crossed her mind she asked, sounding almost accusing, almost as if she didn’t believe him, “And you will let him go, just like that?”

Wooyoung frowned and nodded, “Yes, I would. Even if I still loved him I would. Because he deserves the chance to find something more, even if that something more isn't with me.”

Looking at him like he was some kind of strange creature she gave him smile, a smile that was both admiring and slightly off at the same time, “You are a good person Woosoon.” Her eyes became distant. “Better than me.”

He frowned but before he had the chance to respond the coordinator quickly returned, “Ah Miss Jing, they are announcing you now.”

At the sudden interruption Wooyoung’s attention immediately snapped back to the conference. Having completely missed everything he felt the beginnings of what suspiciously felt like panic rising in him. Silently he berated himself for not paying more attention. He was supposed to be making sure he listened to every word as to not repeat any unnecessary answer or worst yet unknowingly contradict any of Nichkhun’s answers.

“Good luck Woosoon,” Eun Hye wished.

Nodding his thanks Wooyoung took a deep breath and steeling himself began making his way onto the stage. Trying his hardest to ignore the flashes threatening to blind him he found his gaze unconsciously drifting over to Nichkhun who at the sight of him gave an encouraging smile.

“I thought she would be prettier.”

“She doesn’t suit him at all.”

“Her shoulders are too wide.”

“She’s a bit overweight isn’t she?”

“What does he see in her?”

Taken aback by the harshness of some of the criticisms Wooyoung found himself stumbling slightly. Thankfully managing to stay on his feet he continued. Upon reaching the seat by Nichkhun he turned towards the crowd and despite the nasty murmurings gave a polite bow before finally seating himself. The second he did however he knew right away that something was wrong. Faster than he could blink the chair unexpectedly collapsed from under him, the force of which sent him sprawling to the hard ground in the midst of large splinters of wood.

“Are you alright?” Nichkhun asked worriedly, instantly moving to his side.

“Y-yeah,” Wooyoung bit out. As he looked down at himself he couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed. He would have thought the second warning would've been something slightly more spectacular than this. Knowing they were going to have to gather this up for evidence later he reached out towards the table before him, trying to get a grip so as to pull himself as cleanly out of this mess as possible. The instant his hand bumped the surface however he found himself recoiling back with a pained cry.

Upon noticing the blood that he himself had only just noticed Nichkhun hastily took off his jacket, wrapping it around Wooyoung’s torn hand as a sudden hush overcame the outspoken crowd.

“Can you get up?”

Wordlessly Wooyoung nodded. Allowing Nichkhun to help him he slowly got to his feet, completely uncaring of the arm that snaked around his waist. As he struggled to a stand he noticed the rip in his stockings and the slight tinge of red staining his leg.

Realizing the same thing Nichkhun protectively tightened his hold on him and turning to the MC firmly said, “End this now. I’m getting her out of here.”

While Wooyoung would have loved nothing more than to just leave he suddenly remembered his promise to Jin-young and his earlier words to Eun Hye. As the murmurs of displeasure continued to grow he stopped himself. Realizing then and there that if they were to leave now there was no way the press was going to believe this wasn’t just a stunt. That he didn’t just pretend to hurt himself. But most of all there was no way they wouldn’t fin a way to turn this on Nichkhun. Make it his fault somehow.

“It’s okay,” Wooyoung murmured. “I-it’s not that bad.”


“I’m okay,” he interrupted.

In a silent battle of wills their eyes met and for the briefest of moments there was nothing but silence between them. This time however Nichkhun must’ve seen something in his gaze because rather than fighting him he simply let out a defeated sigh. Without another word he led Wooyoung towards his own seat and gently set him down. Ignoring the murmurs around them he kneeled beside him, taking Wooyoung’s wrapped hand in his he carefully inspected the damage.

“Ow,” Wooyoung cried at the sting it caused, eyes watering.

“Baby,” Nichkhun teased, reaching up to gently wipe away the single teardrop that somehow managed to escape.

It was only once he was sure the cuts were no longer bleeding that Nichkhun got up, bringing his now bloody jacket with him. With a scowl he dropped it on the panel, in full view of the entire room, before turning to MC once again. “Five questions and then I’m taking her out of here.”

And just like that the whole room erupted. In a rush came a flood of questions, one straight after the other – all straining to be heard, all desperate to be the one called. To Wooyoung’s great relief the first four were ones he was easily able to answer. Questions that Junsu had forced them through so many times it was practically imprinted on his mind. Just as he thought they were going to get through this relatively unscathed a face he instantly recognized stood up.

“Last question,” the MC announced.

Aware of what was to come Wooyoung quickly grabbed Nichkhun’s hand, waiting until he caught his eyes before silently mouthing a simple, ‘Trust me.’

“I have reason to believe that someone Nichkhun was once involved with was attacked last night and that the attacker left a message of warning for Miss Jing at the scene,” the reporter said, obviously proud to be the only one with such knowledge.

At the smugness he could practically feel radiating off the same jerk of a reporter he recognized from the crime scene Wooyoung tried his hardest to hold back a scowl, only now wishing he’d arrested the idiot when he had the chance. But while the urge to cause some well-deserved bodily harm was strong he refrained himself, eyes never leaving Nichkhun.

“It’s not-” Wooyoung began to say, only to fall completely short at the sight before him.

In the split second it took for it to register Nichkhun seem to completely deflate, eyes flickering with a toxic mix of self-hatred, regret and guilt. The sight of which stirred something unexpected within him. He didn’t know what his relationship with the victim was but he never wanted Nichkhun to find out this way. Not here. Not now. Because while Wooyoung may not know him very well he knew enough to know Nichkhun cared. From their very first meeting his firm insistence that no one got hurt because of him told him as much. With that in mind both he and Taecyeon decided they were going to tell him. Later. When he was away from all this. When he would have the time to process what happened. Where they can assure him it wasn’t his fault. But instead a man who didn’t even care for the victim, who didn’t even know her name or even bother to find out if she was still alive, was the one who broke it to him – all in search of a headline.

“How do you do feel knowing that there’s a threat on your life Miss Jing?” the jerk Wooyoung refuse to even acknowledge as a reporter continued. “And how do you feel knowing that you’re the cause of it Nichkhun?”

Desperately wanting nothing more than to punch his lights out Wooyoung clenched his fists. Not quite realizing what he was doing he shot up in his seat. He opened his mouth but before he could say a word he was suddenly pulled back, his whole body coming to rest against the hard warmth of Nichkhun’s chest as strong arms wrapped protectively around him.

“I won’t let anything happen to her,” Nichkhun swore. He glared fiercely over the stunned crowd before them and with a growl in his voice yelled, “Whoever you are you’re going to have to get through me first, do you hear me? I won’t let you hurt her.”

Shocked by the ferocity of his words Wooyoung reached up and gently ran his fingers along the edges of his tense jaw line. At the touch Nichkhun returned his gaze to him. It was still all there. The guilt and regret, but now there was something else too – determination.

“You’ve got your five questions. This conference is over,” Nichkhun announced and with Wooyoung’s uninjured hand grasped firmly in his stalked out of the room in amidst an explosion of lights and the rising of murmurs.

“Nichkhun,” Wooyoung tried once they were out of sight.

Completely ignoring him Nichkhun kept up his brisk pace. Not stopping until he reached his intended destination. With a slam he suddenly found himself inside what looked like a closet. He was just about to ask what was happening when without warning Nichkhun began advancing on him. Soon finding himself backed into a wall Wooyoung could do no more than stare as Nichkhun’s arms came to a rest of either side of him. Effectively trapping him against the wall with his body.

Accusingly Nichkhun bit out, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“We were going to,” he defended.

“When? Before or after it made the front page news?”


Eyes boring into his Nichkhun demanded in an even voice, “Who is she?”

“Young Seonghee,” he replied, somewhat hesitantly as he averted his gaze.

Startled Wooyoung felt his whole body jerk as a loud bang sounded right next to him. He turned and at the sight of Nichkhun’s clenched fist straining against the hard brick wall placed a comforting hand on his trembling arm.

“She was just a friend,” Nichkhun revealed shakily, his expression so plainly raw and filled with so much anger and guilt it almost hurt to look at. “Lived in America for a while. Someone who knew exactly what it’s like to be so far away from home. Someone I could talk to.” He fell against him, pressing them even closer as his head came to rest on Wooyoung’s shoulder. “Did you know she’s getting married in a couple of months? Phoned me just a few days ago. Got an invite.”

“It’s not your fault,” Wooyoung told him, the confession making him wonder exactly how many of the victims were actually ever involved with Nichkhun and how many were just the result of the stalker’s own delusions. “She will be okay Nichkhun. She will survive and we will catch the person who did this to her. I promise you.”

“And what about you?” he questioned, his voice searching, pleading. “Can you promise me that you will be okay? That you won’t be another person hurt because of me.”

Recognizing his desperate need for assurance but unable to give him the words least they become a lie Wooyoung truthfully replied, “I’m an officer Nichkhun. I’ve already been shot once in the line of duty. If I get hurt it will be because of who I am and what I do. Not because of you.”

When all he received was silence Wooyoung reached up and taking a hold of Nichkhun’s face forced him to look him in the eyes.

Refusing to let go he firmly asked, “Do you understand that?”

“Yes,” came the reluctant reply. “But that doesn’t mean I won’t do everything I can to make sure you’re safe. I can’t have you on my conscience as well.”

“I don’t need you to do that,” Wooyoung gently protested, lowering his hands to rest on Nichkhun’s shoulders. Wanting nothing more than to shake some sense into him. This was his job. It was what he was trained for. Even if he were a woman he still wouldn’t be some hapless little damsel constantly in need of rescuing. He would be a cop first and foremost – more than capable of taking care of himself.

“I’m going to anyway,” Nichkhun murmured with such finality he knew that it would get him nowhere to argue. So he didn’t.

Deciding to pick his battles Wooyoung instead kept his peace. He knew he had to make Nichkhun see sense eventually but right now he was still far too raw, too full of guilt to realize he was the one in need of the most saving.

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From: [identity profile] howla.livejournal.com
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Thank you! Really glad to hear you're enjoying this <3
I really appreciate you taking the time to comment :D

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Thank you for the feedback <3. Really appreciate it!

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Thank you! I'm really glad you liked this and especially that the emotions of the characters are coming through. Sometimes I'm not quite sure my writing reads or translates as well as I think, so I'm really happy to hear this!

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Thank you! I'm glad you liked the Woo and YEH conversation. I really wanted to contrast how both of them view love and also give a small insight into YEH's way of thinking. I'm so glad you liked this. Thank you for the feedback!

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Thank you <3
Was nervous posting this since I kept changing bits of it and it is quite different to the original version I had.

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From: [identity profile] arashi-sugoi.livejournal.com
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Date: 2010-06-15 11:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dazeyhaze.livejournal.com
Thank you! I ship everyone!Woo but KhunYoung is my main ship too! It is love <3
I actually kept on rewriting bits of it. It actually ended up going in a slightly different way than I originally intended so I'm glad you liked it :D

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From: [identity profile] priss-aoe.livejournal.com
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i seriously love this!!!!!!
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From: [identity profile] dazeyhaze.livejournal.com
Thank you! Really glad you liked it <3

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From: [identity profile] mheaven24-7.livejournal.com
great to see an update for this story. I cant wait for the next. boo no khunyoung kissin in this chap lol.

Date: 2010-06-16 08:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dazeyhaze.livejournal.com
Thank you! There was a cheek kiss though ;)
Glad you enjoyed it <3

Date: 2010-06-16 05:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] doomedpassion.livejournal.com
Yoon Eun Hye is she the culprit? I've been suspecting for a while...now I'm more than convinced. Wooyoung fighting!

Date: 2010-06-17 01:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dazeyhaze.livejournal.com
In terms of the stalker this story won't be much of a mystery to everyone, only to the character themselves :D
Thank you for reading! <3

Date: 2010-06-16 11:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] asphyxiiated-x.livejournal.com
Post this before I forget.
Jihyun, Hyomin, and Eunjung are the T-ARA girls in YAB parody.
/ brb reading

Date: 2010-06-17 01:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dazeyhaze.livejournal.com
Thank you so much! You are awesome <3
I hope you liked this chapter!

Date: 2010-06-16 11:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] woocheeks.livejournal.com
omg im so late at least i found it >:D

He slipped the ice cream out of his mouth, licking his lips as he did so, and demanded, “Why are you looking at me so strangely?”
i love you.

“Just you getting all bad cop and alpha-male on me,” Taecyeon answered with a shiver. Then with a completely serious expression, added, “It’s a bit of a turn on.”

As the beginning of 'Sexyback' began blaring Wooyoung mentally sighed.

ok anyway other than taec. the plot here is SO GOOD. i love it, it's developing so well and becoming like a real novel. its so amazing *___*
alsoooo, khunyoung is so amazing. they both want to protect the other for "the job's sake" when they also somewhere want to for themselves. ah, its just so squeal inducing <3

Date: 2010-06-17 01:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dazeyhaze.livejournal.com
Lol, thank you! I'm really glad you liked this so far <3
I really love writing the Taec and Woo brotherly-borderline-bromance relationship, so I hope you enjoyed that too :D

Date: 2010-06-17 01:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sora-doumoto.livejournal.com
Really nice!
I loved when Khun said he wouldn't let anything happen to Woo ♥
Loved the chapter and hope you can update it soon!

Date: 2010-06-17 01:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dazeyhaze.livejournal.com
Thank you! Really glad you liked this <3
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