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Haven't been writing much of anything lately but I have written a few drabbles for the challenges at [livejournal.com profile] qaf_drabbles. They were fun to write and because they were so short they only took a couple of minutes so I guess that's why I'm enjoying writing them so much.

Challenge: #6 Minor Characters
Title: Broken
Timeline: 122. At the hospital right after the bashing.
Warnings: Nothing really, maybe a bit of angst. It’s also my first drabble so I’m not too sure about it.

The second she sees him anger overwhelms her. She grips onto it, a welcome distraction from the fear. She wants him to know her pain, to feel all she feels, to suffer as she suffers. She realizes with a start she wants him to hurt. More than he has ever hurt in his life. And so she readies herself. But before she could utter a word his eyes meet hers. She freezes. It was all there. Clear as day. Everything she wanted.

There was nothing she could say. She couldn’t break this man. She couldn’t break what’s already been broken.

Challenge: #6 St. Patrick’s Day
Title: Because It’s St. Patrick’s Day
Warnings: None, I think. Just a tad bit suggestive.

Brian doesn’t like St. Patrick’s Day. He hates Leprechauns. Step dancers annoy the shit out of him. He can’t help but scoff at Deb’s ‘Get your shamrocks off’ t-shirt and is personally offended by every last piece of mismatched green clothing he sees. Needless to say he refuses to wear green.

“Why the fuck is it green?” Brian snaps, eyeing his own cock with something akin to disgust.

Discarding the condom wrapper Justin simply smiles down at him and as he carefully lowers himself breathily groans, “Because it’s St. Patrick’s Day.”

Brian would’ve growled if he wasn’t so busy moaning.

Challenge: #10 Rage
Title: Curiosity
Warnings: None
Timeline: Any time after 309 when the issue of Rage with THAT cover was released.

Justin warned her. Told her over and over again she wasn’t ready. But like the proud mother she was Debbie wouldn’t stop talking about it. Not just to her but to anyone who would listen. And when the P-FLAG members began adding their two cents she finally cracked. With her curiosity well and truly piqued she just had to see. And see she did.

Popping her bubblegum Debbie removed the infamous Rage comic from Jennifer’s slack grasp and jokingly remarked, “I guess this means you don’t want to see the King of Babylon calendar.”

Wisely Jennifer left that one alone.

Challenge: #18 Movies
Title: Cheating
Warnings: None

“They’re still at it,” Daphne giggled, giving his arm another light jab as she continued her vigil of the couple in the front row. Long having lost interest in the movie in favor of watching the overly frisky pair. “Oh my god, is she going down on him?”

At the hushed outburst Justin rolled his eyes, but found himself sneaking a glance anyway. His eyes immediately widened.

“TUCKER!?” he angrily yelled, shooting up in his seat. “You fucking bastard. I can’t believe you can cheat on my-”

When the couple turned around he suddenly wished Tucker had been cheating.



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